‘Comeback D-4’, iKON Reveals Full Track List Consisted of 23 Songs

2019-01-03 11:16 am

[OSEN=선미경 기자] Group iKON revealed the full track list for the repackage album to be released on the 7th, consisted of 23 songs.

Today(3rd) at 10 AM, YG Entertainment uploaded a poster revealing the full track list of iKON’s repackage album including the title song ‘I’M OK’, through their official blog. 

The repackage album is consisted of songs selected from the ‘NEW KIDS’ series including the ‘NEW KIDS: BEGIN’ released back in 2017, their 2nd official album ‘RETURN’, ‘NEW KIDS: CONTINUE’, and ‘NEW KIDS: THE FINAL’.

The album will be consisted of a total of 23 tracks including the new song ‘I’M OK’, their mega-hit ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ which set a milestone by topping music charts for 43 days and created ‘sing-along waves’ among all generations, ‘KILLING ME’, and ‘GOODBYE ROAD’. 

iKON received the ‘Best Song of the Year’ award on the ‘2018 Melon Music Awards’ through their ‘NEW KIDS’ series album, while B.I received the Songwriter of the Year award. As the group has positioned themselves as one of the most popular groups of K-Pop with their success this year, the upcoming repackage album is receiving the spotlight. 

iKON will hold an encore concert on the 6th in Seoul KSPO DOME(Olympic Gymnastics Arena) and decorate the finale of their world tour which started in Seoul last year on August, and continued throughout Asia and Australia that gathered a total of 180 thousand audiences. 

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