“I’m a Fan”, The Smiths Couple Make Fan Faces with BLACKPINK

2019-04-21 10:45 am

[뉴스엔=지연주 기자] Hollywood star Will Smith and his wife revealed their affections and support towards BLACKPINK as fans.

On April 21, Will Smith posted a photo on his Instagram account with the caption, “Me & Jada are officially fans!”.

The photo showed Will Smith and Jada Smith standing with members of BLACKPINK in the center. The Smiths couple and the members were smiling brightly at the camera. Will Smith’s bright smile and the beauty of BLACKPINK members grabbed the viewers’ attention.

The fans responded to the photo by writing, “Will Smith is BLINK?”, “Amazing”, and “He’s a world-class fan”.

2019. 4. 21.