WINNER to Make Comeback with Summer Dance Track Titled ‘AH YEAH’… Written·Composed By YOON

2019-05-09 02:05 pm

[OSEN=선미경 기자] Group WINNER will make their comeback with ‘AH YEAH’, their new title song.

Today(9th) at 10 AM, YG Entertainment uploaded a poster with credits for WINNER’s new title song ‘AH YEAH’ from their upcoming mini album, ‘WE’, through their official blog.

In the poster, members of WINNER grabbed the viewers’ attention with an ambient vibe with a warm beige-colored background. The members had a perfect dandy look while wearing black and white toned outfits, raising the curiosities on the concept of their upcoming song.

The members of WINNER actively participated in the writing and composing of their new title song, ‘AH YEAH’. YOON, MINO, and HOONY were credited as the writers of the song. YOON, KANG UK JIN, Diggy, and Joe Rhee participated in the composing of the song to raise its completion to its max.

‘AH YEAH’ is ‘WINNER’s signature summer dance track’ which grabs the listeners’ ears with its cool lyrics that express the emotions of a cold-hearted breakup, rhythmical guitar riffs, and a catchy hook. The members of WINNER including YOON participated in the creative process of the song themselves to express WINNER’s unique musical color.

YOON, who wrote and composed ‘AH YEAH’ explained, “I wanted to give a twist on breakup songs which usually focus on reminiscing and being hurt”. He added, “A breakup hurts and it’s hard to go through it, but I think it could rather be a happy ending for both parties when you cut it out like the song, ‘AH YEAH’”.

WINNER will face the public with an album containing new music in approximately 5 months since they released their single ‘MILLIONS’, last year on December.

WINNER’s new mini album ‘WE’ will be released on the 15th at 6 PM.

2019. 5. 9.