WINNER Reveals Moving Choreography Video for ‘AH YEAH’… Full Choreography Revealed Prior to Broadcast

2019-05-17 11:50 am

[OSEN=선미경 기자] Group WINNER revealed the choreography video for ‘AH YEAH’ and the making film for its MV.

On May 17 at 11 AM, YG Entertainment uploaded the choreography video and the MV making film for ‘AH YEAH’, the title song from their new mini album ‘WE’, through their official blog.

The choreography video was created as a moving version, allowing the clip to contain the lively and dynamic moves of the dance. The fans reacted with heated responses at the video containing the full choreography of the song, since it was unprecedentedly revealed prior to their performance of the song on a music broadcast.

WINNER attempted a performance using a chair for the first time ever since they made debut. Their extravagant moves grabbed the viewers’ attention in an instant. They continued with the ‘AH YEAH dance’, the point choreography of waving their hands, which also fascinated the fans who were watching the performance. The group presented joy to the viewers with unique and freewheeling moves that well-portrayed the lyrics of the song.

Furthermore, all 4 members of WINNER also grabbed the viewers’ attention with ‘real-life boyfriend looks’, as they are known for their witty daily fashion senses.

In addition, the MV making film of ‘AH YEAH’ was also revealed. YOON introduced the title song in the video himself by stating, “Not all breakups have to be reminiscent, suffering, and heartbreaking. We prepared a song with an up-tempo beat. It’s a breakup song, but it will pass on WINNER’s unique and bright energy”.

HOONY proved himself as the ‘idea bank’ by directing an interesting scene while holding paper on the spot. JINU put the people in awe by presenting a trick of bouncing a basketball using his knee. MINO proved his exceptional drawing skills as ‘painter Song’, by drawing on the walls of the MV set.

Regarding the focal point of their choreography, WINNER explained, “We used chairs and put a lot of effort focusing on our performance”.

After making comeback on the 15th with the song ‘AH YEAH’, WINNER is maintaining their no. 1 spot on Korean music charts for 2 consecutive days.

WINNER is proving their strong presence not only in Korea, but also overseas. WINNER topped the daily and weekly paid digital album sales charts on Kugou Music, Kuwo Music, and QQ Music, which is the biggest music streaming platform in China.

Furthermore, their new album ‘WE’ proved the group’s global popularity by being ranked at no. 1 on iTunes Album charts in 19 different regions of the world including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam.

2019. 5. 17.