Bang Yedam joins YG Entertainment after Akdong Musician: YG welcomes both 1st & 2nd winners of K-Pop★2

2013-06-28 10:08 pm

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Bang Yedam joins YG Entertainment after Akdong Musician: YG welcomes both 1st & 2nd winners of K-Pop★2


The 11-year-old contestant who became the second winner of SBS’s talent show program K-Pop Star 2 will become a member of the YG Family.


The founder of YG Entertainment and one of the judges of K-Pop Star 2, Yang Hyun-suk personally announced Bang Yedam’s news on YG’s official blog dubbed YGLIFE. The post was uploaded at 4 p.m. on June 28.

He wrote, “Recently we announced that the winner of K-Pop Star season 2, AKDONG MUSICIAN, signed a contract with YG Entertainment. And we are happy to announce that the second winner of the show, BANG YEDAM, has also just completed all negotiations related to signing up with YG. BANG YEDAM and his parents previously showed interest in signing the contract with our agency.”


방예담, 악동 이어 YG行..'K팝★2' 1·2위 모두 품에


He added, “So this means that both the first and second winners K-Pop Star 2 are with YG. AKDONG MUSICIAN, the siblings who are capable of both writing and composing songs, are expected to release their first album before the year ends. Meanwhile, we will be providing extensive and professional training to our 12-year-old newcomer, BANG YEDAM.”


“Many are worried that since BANG YEDAM is still young, his voice will change once he experiences puberty. But I have never heard of anyone whose musical talents were hindered because of the changes from puberty. So there is no need to worry!” He emphasized.


He also wrote, “Unlike gold, diamond is a stone which value depends solely on how it is carved or cut. BANG YEDAM can be compared to diamond. The three judges on K-Pop Star, including myself, were left awe-struck when we discovered the diamonds in this singer. We knew that after much professional training, he would be of an immeasurable value.


We cannot say for sure if that process would take one year or even ten years, but we can assure you all that we will spare no effort to help him shine like diamond.”


Born in 2002, Bang Yedam is still in 5th grade. But despite his young age, he was able to fully show off his amazing musical talents. He came in as the 2nd winner of the show, arousing deep attention from the watchers and music lovers.


The much-anticipated singer Bang Yedam’s joining in YG means there is one more member in YG Family who is an ex-contestant of the same show. Last year after season 1 was finished, YG welcomed the 2nd winner Lee Hi and one of the Top 10, Lee Seung-hoon. Recently YG announced that the sibling musicians who won the second season of K-Pop Star, Akdong Musician, have signed the contract with the agency as well.


All eyes are on the ex-contestants who now belong to YG, to see how they will bring about changes to the music world with their talents.


2013. 6. 28.

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