Osaka fired up by BIGBANG’s successful Japan 6 Dome Tour

2013-12-01 02:14 pm


[OSEN=이혜린 기자] YG’s boy group BIGBANG has been holding their Japan’s 6 Largest Dome Tour since Nov 29, and their huge success in Osaka Kyocera Dome is a clear testament to their international popularity.

BIGBANG kicked off Japan’s 6 Dome Tour titled BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 2013-2014, which is a first for foreign artists. The five members’ effort to please the Japanese fans by delivering dynamic, yet unique performances captured the hearts of the local fans who showed much enthusiasm.

The concert kicked off with the Japanese version of BIGBANG’s ‘Haru Haru’, and the song was followed by ‘My Heaven,’ BIGBANG’s debut single released in 2009, ‘Gara Gara Go’, which helped the group win the best new artist prize at Japan’s record awards ceremony, ‘Fantastic Baby,’ and ‘Bad Boy’.

As the scale of the stadium is immense, BIGBANG used a flying stage that enables the entire stage to move, while also using a moving car that allows all five members to go closer to the fans. Such equipment fired up the Japanese fans, and the stadium was filled with enthusiasm.


Each member unleashed their talents by delivering solo and group performances with their musical colors.

G-DRAGON, who proved his international fandom by attracting 570,000 fans in his first World Tour, dominated the stage by performing ‘Crooked’ and ‘Crayon’. TAEYANG showcased his excellent singing skills and powerful dance through ‘Ringa Linga’, while T.O.P released his rapping genius with his solo song ‘Doom Dada’.

DAESUNG joined in with ‘Wings’, which ranked #2 on Japan’s Oricon Weekly Album Chart and one of the songs in his solo album D’scover. SEUNGRI passionately sang ‘Gotta Talk To U’, which is part of an album ‘Let’s Talk About Love’ that ranked #1 on Oricon Daily Album Chart. Each member once again proved their full talents as all-rounded entertainers.

The three-hour long concert encompassed more than 30 songs, including encore and re-encore, and not a minute has passed without providing a source of entertainment to the fans.

Osaka is one of the many places that have a high population of BIGBANG fans, and after the Nov 29 and 30 concerts, BIGBANG will continue on in the evening of Dec 1 for another concert in Osaka.


After this concert, BIGBANG will be joined by 300,000 fans through 6 concerts from Jan 11 to 13 in 2014 in the same Dome. It is very rare even for the local artists to hold concerts 6 times at the same venue during a tour.

On the streets of Osaka, fans covered in BIGBANG merchandise goods from the concert proved the group’s enormous popularity.

Takuma Hiotmi, 22, a fan at the concert, commented, “Everything about BIGBANG is cool, including their singing, dancing, fashion and everything. Every member of the group has their own color. I made so many friends as I became a fan of BIGBANG, and BIGBANG is everything to me!”

The concert drew even more attention as YG Entertainment’s newest boy group WINNER performed for the opening of the show. The newbie group delivered various performances with their sentimental voice and energetic performances through ‘Go Up’ and ‘Officially Missing You’, which was too outstanding for a newly born group.

BIGBANG will be holding the concerts in Osaka until Dec 1, and will be moving on to Fukuoka Yahoo! Dome on Dec 7 and 8, and Nagoya Dome on 14 to 15, for three days in Tokyo Dome from Dec 19 to 21, Sapporo Dome on Jan 4 next year, and will be returning to Osaka Kyocera Dome on Jan 11 to 13 to wrap up their Dome Tour.

2013. 12. 1.