BOM&HI Has Released Christmas Carol… Bubbly→Jazz Ballad

2013-12-17 12:45 pm


[OSEN=이혜린 기자] BOM&HI, YG ENTERTAINMENT (“YG”)’s new unit team that has been drawing a keen attention recently, released their song on the 17.


Their song is a wholly different new interpretation of Mariah Carey’s “ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU”, one of the most popular Christmas carols.


BOM&HI recreated Mariah Carey’s cheerful and bubbly version of “ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU” into a standard jazz music with a slow tempo. It is a Christmas song but gives a sentimental and lonely feel. It begins with LEE HI’s voice in a deep soul, and then BOM and HI take turns toward the climax as the song advances, like an ear-catching impromptu jazz performance.


The new unit is a collaboration project between YG and Samsung Electronics for celebration of Samsung’s launching of Samsung Music in Korea.


The song is available exclusively on Samsung Music from the midnight on the 17 for three days for free download and streaming and then will be released on all music-streaming sites on the 20. On the 20, the second project featuring TAEYANG will be disclosed as well.


2013. 12. 17.