2014-03-31 12:00 am

Hello everyone… Continuing on with the third FROM YG.

Which musician will YG showcase for the second time in 2014?

April 7th last year marked the final round of “K-Pop Star Season 2”
and exactly in one year, on April 7th this year, last year’s winner AKDONG MUSICIAN
is scheduled to release their first debut album.

Their first full album is to hold a total of 11 songs
and LEE CHAN HYUK was in charge of producing as well as writing and composing all the songs.

The first debut performance of the new song will be showcased
on “K-Pop Star Season 3” that is to be aired live on April 6th
and on the following day, on April 7th, all songs from the first album will be unveiled online.

What is AKDONG MUSICIAN’s title song?

Selecting a title song under the prediction of which will be most popular among the public
is one of the concerns for people in the music industry and of the most important senses a producer must possess.

It has already been 16 years since YG began the music production business
and choosing a title song has never been as difficult as doing so for AKDONG MUSICIAN’s first album.

The reason behind such trouble was that
all 11 songs carried the freshness and unique charms of AKDONG MUSICIAN,
like when they first unveiled “DON’T CROSS YOUR LEGS” and “YOU ARE ATTRACTIVE” on K-Pop Star last year.

Their ability to decipher untouched themes in pop music from a completely different viewpoint
and the originality of their lyrics could be described by no word other than “astonishing.”

The hard part was to pick one out of the 11 songs that were all perfect for a title song
but after putting much thought we came up with an interesting idea.

That is to select three title songs and film three music videos
and the interesting point here is that AKDONG MUSICIAN selects one, while YG selects the other,
and the fans will be in charge with the last one.

To sum it up,
Apart from the two title songs chosen by AKDONG MUSICIAN and YG
the song that becomes most popular in one week after the album release on online music sites
will be the third title song and we immediately start filming an M/V of that song.

The title song chosen by AKDONG MUSICIAN is “MELTED“
and YG chose one titled, “200%”
“MELTED“ is a song that compares adults to cold ice,
a slow song that breaks away from the usual AKDONG MUSICIAN style
and “200%” chosen by YG is a medium-tempo song that embraces their charms.

The M/V revelation will be in accordance with the production schedule—
The M/V of “200%” will be unveiled first with the album release on April 7th,
and one week later, on April 14th, the MV of “MELTED” will be released.

The third M/V of the last title song chosen by the fans
will be produced as soon as possible for revelation before the end of April.

We are currently preparing a number of entertaining AKDONG MUSICIAN-related promotions
and further detail on this will be provided in the future through official channels.

So, we ask for your enthusiasm and interest
for AKDONG MUSICIAN who devoted an entire year on producing music.

I will be back soon as album releases of YG artists
including PSY, WINNER, TAEYANG SOLO and EPIK HIGH are approaching.

Thank you.

2014. 3. 31.