AKDONG MUSICIAN reveals track list of debut album “PLAY”

2014-04-02 02:51 pm


[OSEN=권지영 기자] AKDONG MUSICIAN (LEE CHAN HYUK & LEE SOO HYUN) unveiled the track list of their upcoming debut album “PLAY” that is to be released on April 7.


At 2 pm on April 2, YG Entertainment’s official blog revealed the track list written in a cute font, with the two siblings smiling naively in a green forest.


All written and composed by LEE CHAN HYUK, the intriguing song titles “HAIR PART” and “ARTIFICIAL GRASS,” apart from the already revealed “200%” and “MELTED” arouse much attention. Other songs like “LITTLE STAR,” “IDEA”, “ANYWAY” and “GALAXY” are also included along with “GIVE LOVE” that was showcased in K-Pop Star Season 2.


The winner of last year’s K-Pop Star drew much attention with their originality in writing the songs. The latest track list once again sets them apart from other artists, as every single title carries unique words. Expectations are building up to see how special these songs would be.


In the upcoming debut album, 3 songs will be selected to be made into music videos, including “200%” and “MELTED,” while the last one will be chosen by the fans. On April 6, the duo will make an official debut on the 3rd season of K-Pop Star where they will showcase “200%” and “MELTED.”


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