YG’s YANG, “Letting PSY do what he desires was the answer”

2014-06-09 05:10 pm


[OSEN=손남원 기자] PSY’s new song “HANGOVER” was unveiled across the world simultaneously on June 9. The response is indeed explosive. In just 6 hours of its release at 8:10, the video attracted 1 million views. Fans are enthusiastic about seeing the return of PSY-like, B-class humor. PSY’s success story chapter 3, following ‘Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman,” has just begun.

Unlike the two predecessors, “HANGOVER” is a typical hiphop song that was written in English from the start. After Snoop Dogg’s imposing rapping, PSY continues with “Take a shot”—how PSY-like.

PSY’s agency’s executive producer YANG HYUN SUK commented, “The answer to PSY’s music is letting him do what he desires,” and added, “Because PSY himself was the person who created the “Gangnam Style” syndrome all over the globe, it is only natural that we let him do what he wants.”

Perhaps the public is a little puzzled about the hiphop influenced “HANGOVER,” as they were expecting something like “Gangnam Style,” a big-hit dance song. But YANG had already predicted it.

He added, “As PSY is an artist who writes and composes, if he wants to do hiphop, then he does hiphop. If he wants to do dance, then he does that. Rather than analyzing the “mega-viral” formula of his previous songs and forcing himself to create another one like it, doing what he wants to do now is the answer. That applies to all YG artists.”

“Let’s say you wanted pasta for dinner and your mom gives you kimchi soup again, like any other day. It’s like that—too much pressure and expectations from the public can weigh down PSY’s music in the future. If you eat pasta today and try kimchi soup tomorrow, it would taste nicer. So if you are expecting PSY’s fun dance song, you can look forward to “DADDY,” which will be officially released in August.”

America’s Billboard wrote “HANGOVER” is a “hilarious video,” and added, “Drunken brawling. Tipping shot glasses like dominoes. Swimming naked in fountains. Skipping around street carnivals. Wild karaoke. Kung fu in pool halls. Swirling dance beats. And, of course, Snoop Dogg. These are just a few of the crazy antics you’ll find in PSY’s new five-minute music video for the “Hangover”… Check out the hilarious video below.”

2014. 6. 9.