SONG MINHO’s “GUP”, the song most loved by the fans of “Show Me the Money” show

2016-05-27 10:56 am

[OSEN=선미경 기자] “GUP” sung by boy group WINNER’s member SONG MINHO is picked as the song most loved by fans of “Show Me the Money” show. surveyed the sales of songs performed in cable channel Mnet’s rapper survival program “Show Me the Money“ from its season one through four. The result of the survey shows that “GUP” of SONG MINHO who competed in season 4 of the show is the song most loved by the fans of the show.

SONG MINHO competed in “Show Me the Money” season 4 and became the runner-up of the season. “GUP” sang by SONG created sensation upon its release in August last year, taking top places on the weekly and monthly chart of

Not only “GUP” but also other songs performed by SONG MINHO in “Show Me the Money” made great hit. “Turtle Ship” performed by Ja Mezz, Andup, and SONG MINHO took 4th place and “Okey Dokey” sang by SONG MINHO and ZICO took 5th place in the survey. 

While SONG MINHO wrote outstanding records in the sales of his songs, season 3’s winner BOBBY also made remarkable achievements. “YGGR#Hip-Hop” performed by BOBBY took 3rd place, beating all those hit songs of “Show Me the Money” released so far. In addition, “Raise Your Guard and Bounce” took 7th place and “L4L” (Lookin’ For Luv) took 8th place, proving the big popularity of the songs of “Show Me the Money” show. 

Other than SONG MINHO and BOBBY’s songs, “Oppa-Cha” by Incredivle, TABLO, and JINSEAN which is thought to be the song that represents “Show Me the Money” took the second place and “Malice” by Iron took sixth place.

2016. 5. 27.