[Exclusive] SECHSKIES to Reveal their New Song at Their First Concert in 16 Years

2016-09-05 02:05 pm

[일간스포츠=이미현 기자] SECHSKIES will perform their new single for the first time at their concert this weekend, which is their first concert in 16 years.

Sources told Daily Sports on September 5, “SECHSKIES will reveal their new single for the first time at their concert this weekend. SECHSKIES will be recording the song today (September 5).”

The news about SECHSKIES’s new single was first revealed when YANG HYUN SUK posted a capture of the text message he sent to the members on September 4. He texted, “A good song is like hot bread. You have to eat it while it’s hot. I know you are busy now preparing for your concert on the weekend, but let’s eat this while it’s still hot. Let’s get this rolling!”

SECHSKIES members decided to record the song in just a day. This is probably because the members wanted their fans at the concert to listen to the song first.

YANG HYUN SUK also said that TABLO was thinking about SECHSKIES fans when he was writing the lyrics and he cried so much that the paper turned into wet wipes. Therefore, it is very likely that when SECHSKIES reveals this song at the concert, fans will be in tears.

Until September 4, YG said that SECHSKIES will not be singing their new song at the concert since the decision to record a new song was very sudden. Therefore, there is no choreography and stage setting prepared for the new song. YG said, “The members will introduce the new song at the concert and then just sing the song”.

SECHSKIES is revealing the presents they have prepared for their fans one by one. They are holding a concert for the first time in 16 years and releasing a song also for the first time in 16 years. Also, “Flower Crew” will premiere on SBS at 11 PM on September 5.

SECHSKIES will actively promote their new single after their concert. SECHSKIES Fans, who have waited for SECHSKIES to come back for 16 years, will be able to see their beloved oppas until the end of this year.

2016. 9. 5.