iKON Goes on its First Japan Dome Tour and Says It’s a Dream Come True

2017-02-11 11:09 am

[OSEN=선미경 기자] The first dome tour of iKON has kicked off, and members said that it’s a dream come true for them.

Sankie Sports wrote, “iKON, a group that won Best Artist at the Japan Record Awards last year, kicked off its first dome tour at the Osaka-jō Hall on February 10.” 

According to the article, iKON members each talked about how excited they are about doing a dome tour for the first time. Leader B.I is reported to have said, “My dream came true so quickly.” Members also promised that they will work harder and grow more as artists.

iKON did the opening performance in BIGBANG’s dome tour from November 2014 to January 2015, but this is the group’s first solo dome tour. iKON will hold concerts at the Kyocera Dome on May 20 and at the Seibu Prince Dome on June 17 and meet a total of 90,000 fans.

With this dome tour, iKON became the group that holds a dome tour in Japan in the shortest amount of time after debut among foreign artists.

2017. 2. 11.