[MUSIC IS] They’re Coming Back for Real… BLACKPINK’s Comeback on June Announced by YG YANG HYUN SUK

2018-05-17 01:59 pm

[일간스포츠=김연지 기자] YG Entertainment’s YANG HYUN SUK answered questions regarding BLACKPINK’s upcoming comeback. 

On May 17, YANG HYUN SUK announced some details regarding BLACKPINK’s upcoming comeback, while answering some of the fans’ curiosities on his Instagram. On the requests by fans for a full-length album rather than digital singles, YANG HYUN SUK responded ‘You’re absolutely right. It won’t be like before this time’, hinting that BLACKPINK will make comeback with an album this time. 

He also responded, ‘It was finalized to be in mid-June’, on the request by a fan that asked, ‘please at least finalize the date’. YANG HYUN SUK also noticed that BLACKPINK will be active until the end of 2018 after making their comeback in June, by responding ‘We’ll go non-stop from June until the end of the year’, at the requests by fans asking, ‘Please don’t delay the comeback’. 

Lastly, YANG HYUN SUK raised expectations on BLACKPINK’s new album by writing ‘We’re very sorry. As you have waited for a long time, we were able to prepare many good songs. We will repay you’. 

Meanwhile, people have been paying keen attention on BLACKPINK’s comeback, since the end of last year. They were previously expected to make comeback on January or April, but their comeback has been delayed due to the raising of album and song quality. After a long wait by the fans, their comeback date has now been finalized to be on June. 

2018. 5. 17.