YG YANG HYUN SUK “Company with the Best Workplace… SEUNGRI’s Solo Album is the Best Goal”

2018-06-29 02:20 pm

[일간스포츠=박정선 기자] YG Entertainment’s president YANG HYUN SUK revealed the citation from president Moon Jae In and the preparation process of SEUNGRI’s upcoming solo album.

On June 28, YANG HYUN SUK uploaded 4 photos and wrote “#Choses as the company with the best workplace #goal is to become the company with the best contents #SEUNGRI’s solo album is the best goal #practicing choreography right now #YG” on his Instagram.

There was a photo of a certificate with president Moon Jae In’s name signed, which grabbed the viewers’ attention. This serves as the proof of being selected as the company with the best workplace by the government. 

YG Entertainment was the only entertainment agency to be selected as one of the top 100 companies with the best workplace. 

YG Entertainment received high scores by continuously hiring the young and women, as well as receiving high scores in the stability field by inducing long-term employment and temporary to permanent transitions in various work positions.  

YANG HYUN SUK ‘showed off’ SEUNGRI’s album preparation process along with the certificate from the president. YANG HYUN SUK’s dedication on supporting SEUNGRI can be felt from the phrase “SEUNGRI’s solo album is the best goal”.    

2018. 6. 29.