SEUNGRI Reaches 1.09 Million Viewers During Chinese Weibo Live…’Seungtsby Sweeps the Continent’

2018-07-28 02:15 pm

[한국경제=유병철 기자] SEUNGRI reached 1.09 million simultaneous viewers during Weibo live, becoming the ‘Great Seungtsby’ in China.

On July 26 at 9 PM (KST), SEUNGRI met the chinses fans through his live broadcast in Weibo, which is China’s largest social media platform. The simultaneous viewers reached 300 thousand in 2 minutes, and 420 thousand in 5 minutes, proving SEUNGRI’s popularity.

SEUNGRI’s Weibo live broadcast had the most viewers among all live broadcasts during the time and displayed SEUNGRI’s status as a global artist.

The simultaneous viewers reached 1.099 million viewers, which indicated SEUNGRI’s high popularity among Chinese fans. The broadcast had 10.04 million accumulated views when the broadcast ended and reached 11.16 million views as of July 28 at 8 AM, proving SEUNGRI’s popularity among the public.

SEUNGRI displayed his fluent Chinese skills during his 1-hour live broadcast through Weibo. He not only introduced his new song, but also sang the title song ‘1, 2, 3!’ in Chinese, making the Chinese fans cheer.

He continued to communicate with the fans through games prepared with care, prior to the broadcast. SEUNGRI learned what artists in China say to confess their feelings and made sweet comments, capturing the ears of fans.

He responded to the fans’ support by stating, “I want to meet the Chinese fans. I really want to have a concert in China”.

SEUNGRI also put the people in awe by perfectly mocking a Chinese song he heard for the first time. The simultaneous viewers surpassed 1 million while he was taking polaroid photos to gift the fans, and SEUNGRI appealed that he is a hot topic.

SEUNGRI’s first solo album ‘THE GREAT SEUNGRI’ was placed at no. 1 on QQ Music’s daily and weekly album revenues chart, proving his high popularity among Chinese music fans. QQ Music is China’s largest music platform.

2018. 7. 28.