Just 7 days until SEUNGRI’s comeback… “almost gave up because of the pressure from BIGBANG members”

2013-08-12 03:45 pm


SEUNGRI tells the truth a few days before his solo comeback


[TV리포트=이수아 기자] BIGBANG’s SEUNGRI reaffirmed his commitment for his solo album just a few days before his comeback.


Through Facebook on August 12, SEUNGRI exposed his feelings to his fans about the upcoming album release.


He said, “I lost the courage to keep doing music. There was so much pressure because the rest of BIGBANG members are just extremely talented. I thought, ‘I should chose a different path’.”


He added, “When I came back to Korea after working as an actor in Japan one year ago, the CEO of YG Entertainment, YANG HYUN SUK, called a meeting for me. We had the meeting on the 7th floor in his room. What he told me there completely changed how I felt about music.”


He expressed his gratitude to the CEO of the entertainment agency by saying, “I had nothing special but he scouted me to YG, and helped me become a member of BIGBANG. CEO YANG, as my boss and mentor, had high expectations for me. He helped me become who I am today. When I was younger I simply liked hanging out with my friends. He told me to devote that exact energy in music. When he said it I was deeply ashamed, but at the same time, my heart felt like it was going to burst.”


He also said, “Finally I was able to produce something and CEO YANG was satisfied. That’s how this album was made. I took part in writing and composing of every song, but this is BIGBANG’s song. I grew up, for the last 8 years, listening to G-DRAGON produced songs of BIGBANG. I was heavily influenced by his songs, and learned a lot from them.”


He reaffirmed his commitment for music by saying, “Other members have taught me great things as well. I wanted to put everything I learned from them in this album. As the youngest of BIGBANG, I wanted to produce something that everyone can be proud of. This album, even before its release, has already changed my life significantly and I was able to become more mature through the production process. I am going to make up for everything I’ve done wrong until now – for the staff who work hard for me, for my team, for the fans who love me, and for myself.”


SEUNGRI will reveal his self-produced 2nd mini album titled ‘LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE’ online on August 19. The album goes on sale on August 21.


2013. 8. 12.