GD unveils ‘R.O.D’ on Inkigayo featuring CL

2013-09-26 03:16 pm


[스타뉴스 윤상근 기자] G-DRAGON is to unveil the new song ‘R.O.D’ from his second album on SBS’s Inkigayo.

According to YG Entertainment on Sept 26, the agency to which G-DRAGON belongs, he will be unveiling ‘R.O.D’ on Inkigayo live on Sept 29. CL from 2NE1 is scheduled to accompany him as a featuring artist.

The dub-step influenced ‘R.O.D’ is a hip-hop song with strong base and drumbeat. The slow and heavy tempo is the charm of the song.  In the original track, LYDIA PAEK, one of YG Entertainments composers, featured but 2NE1’s CL will do the part instead on Inkigayo.

G-DRAGON and CL are already known for their fabulous duet from singing ‘The Leaders’.

CL accepted the offer without a moment of hesitation despite her busy schedule.

Meanwhile, G-DRAGON is forging an unprecedented record. 4 songs, “Black,” “Coup d’etat,” “Crooked,” and “Who You?”, from just one album have topped charts on music programs.

2013. 9. 26.