GD to release limited edition of 2nd album vinyl LP: Who will be the lucky 8888?

2013-09-29 01:21 pm


[스포츠조선 이정혁 기자] BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON announced that he will be releasing an analogue-style vinyl LP of his second album ‘COUP D’ETAT’.


The vinyl LP will be unveiled on Oct 18. Since the overseas limited edition of ‘One of a Kind’, this is his second vinyl LP release.


This is going to be limited edition with just 8888 copies. This particular volume of copies carries a special meaning as it symbolizes G-DRAGON’s lucky number, 8. Fans would be even more excited to hear that G-DRAGON will be numbering each and every one of the copy, from 1 to 8888, with his own handwriting.



G-DRAGON, who recently made a comeback after 4 years of preparation, returned with a more sensational and unique style. The news on limited vinyl LP is special for many fans as his stylish and classy music will be reborn on a nostalgic analogue vinyl record.


With much technical supplementation, including the usage of master tape, which has been re-mastered with better quality sounds, the latest vinyl LP will deliver minimized sound-related issues and quality sound waves. Listeners will be able enjoy richer sounds of G-DRAGON’s 2nd album. MMP (master media productions) GmbH, the so-called genius of Germany’s record-mastering company, is in charge of master cutting of the record. This will involve DMM cutting, a technique used to preserve the original sound of the recorded music using advance test pressing. G-DRAGON is employing every method possible to provide his fans with the best-quality vinyl LP.


And even better, fans will be able to enjoy the featuring of world-renowned international artists on the vinyl LP. Apart from ‘Niliria’ featuring Missy Elliott to ‘Coup d’etat’ with Baauer who shook the world with his Harlem Shake in 2013, there will be more songs with Germany’s famous DJ Boys Noise and singer-song-writer Sky Ferreira. The world stars’ voice can be heard in an analogue-style record.


The vinyl LP will come in a package with other freebies like hand-written lyrics booklet, a badge and a mask, which are all in line with the theme of ‘Coup d’etat’ concert. It is indeed a package that symbolizes G-DRAGON. Aside from this, images from the latest exhibition ‘G-DRAGON SPACE 8’ and unrevealed photos of ‘Coup d’etat’ music video will also be included—the package couldn’t be better.


The advance reservation for ‘Coup d’etat’ vinyl LP begins on Sept 30. As G-DRAGON has been sweeping 9 music charts and topping music programs with whopping 4 songs from just one album, expectations for his 2nd vinyl LP is heightening even more.


2013. 9. 29.