Big Bang Comes Back in Complete Team, after TOP’s Solo Album

2013-11-01 03:15 pm


[스타뉴스 = 길혜성 기자] Boy band Big Bang (G-Dragon, Top, Taeyang, Dae Sung, and Seungri) releases new songs, as a complete team of all the five members.


According to information that Star News acquired on October 31, Big Bang is now planning to start working on a new album in earnest. They have already completed the framework for their new songs.


Originally, Big Bang was to release new songs in the form of single album, at the end of October or early November this year, since Big Bang is scheduled to hold six dome tour concert in Japan from mid-November, which is the first case of such a concert by a foreign singer (band) in Japan.


However, as Taeyang paid extra concentration and care for his new solo album, the release schedule for his album has been delayed, then the schedule of the release of Top’s solo album has been put off as well, to mid-November.


Taeyang releases his new solo album early in this November. Therefore, the release of Big Bang’s new songs has also been put back than the original schedule.


Big Bang plans to release those new songs as soon as possible after Top’s comeback as a solo singer. Considering Big Bang’s reputation for and pride in their high-quality concert, they do not want to just perform existing songs in the six dome tour concert in Japan.


Big Bang’s six dome tour concert in Japan begins at Seibu Dome on November 16 and 17, then, it is held at Kyocera Dome located in Osaka from November 29 to December 1, at Yafuoku Dome in Fukuoka on December 14 and 15, at Tokyo Dome on December 19 and 21, at Sapporo Dome on January 4, 2014, and at Kyocera Dome in Osaka again, on January 11 and 12, 2014.


Big Bang’s new songs are highly likely to be disclosed during the period of their tour concert in Japan. Of course, they have already set up a plan to release the new songs within this year at the latest. As Big Bang is a world-famous idol band, many people are paying keen attention to the release of their new songs after a long break.


Meanwhile, Big Bang’s Japan tour concert will be held for 15 times at six cities, and it is expected to attract as many as 720,000 spectators.


2013. 10. 31.