[DARA on ‘2NE1’s World Tour Preparation’ #1] A very serious videoconference

2014-01-15 02:53 pm

[네이버연예] Hello everyone, thank you for joining me on Star Cast. The promotion agent for 2NE1, DARA is back! Drum roll!! Good news, although many of you would already know… 2NE1 is holding a World Tour. Applause! Thanks to all of you who have been waiting for our concert! I’m welling up with tears of joy. We 2NE1 will be visiting many more countries! Many more fans! To unleash our passion and enthusiasm!

We will be joined by Travis and Stacey this time in our World Tour, the two who showed the best team work in our last New Evolution concert!! We were the first ones to be joined by the two at YG in New Evolution, and after that they joined G-DRAGON for his concert, too! We are coming together once again for another awesome concert. Applause! I am so excited about this concert, what about you guys? We are closely connected by heart with Travis and Stacy, but we are physically too far away… so for an amazing collaboration to work, we tried having a videoconference, perfectly suited in this global era!


We can’t reveal too much of the conference because we talk about our concert… But we will give you a brief taste to how the videoconference went! It’s a very serious conference… no fooling around… nervous?! I can hear the expectations building up for this concert!! Can you?

#2.  Photos for those who are dying to see more!!


What could possibly make the girls look so serious?


Focusing on the meeting. The video above is short, but the actual conference went on for more than an hour!


Our leader CL prepares the concert with such charisma!!


MINZY with her prettiest smile! What is putting such a big smile on her face?

#3.  First autograph comes from agent DARA!


Whose will be next?

2NE1’s concert preparation kicks off now! We always do our best for every concert, but we are working even harder for this one. From today we will deliver the dynamic scenes of 2NE1 concert preparation every Tuesday for 4 weeks, so don’t miss it! I am agent DARA for 2NE1 promotion, and I will see you next week! Buh bye!

PS. 2NE1’s second World Tour tickets go on sale today! D-7!!!!!!!!!! You are all waiting for the ticketing to start, right??

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