Yang Hyun Suk Says, “BIGBANG Comes Back in August, GD Will Concentrate on New Album”

2014-01-27 10:26 am

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[스포츠서울닷컴│박소영 기자] YG Entertainment’s head Yang Hyun Suk talked about BIGBANG’s comeback.

In the afternoon on the 26 this month, after the end of BIGBANG’s concert in Seoul, Yang held a press meeting in a restaurant located in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul. In the meeting, he said, “I’m thinking about BIGBANG’s comeback with a regular album in this summer. I think it will be in July or August.”

Before Yang’s such remark, BIGBANG’s member G-DRAGON shouted in the concert, “The only way to give back to your love is to release an album. It will be this summer. We have released only a few regular albums under the name of BIGBANG, so it is time to release one more, isn’t it?”

Then, G-DRAGON went on to say, “Summer is not that far. We will do our best producing our new album, while standing on the stage as a solo artist, too. We will come back with a new album made by the complete team of BIGBANG, which you like. We will come back as a singer who you can take pride in. Please wait for us just a little more.”

Yang respects G-DRAGON’s plan and stated, “We have no schedule for G-DRAGON from this March. We will make him concentrate only on the works for BIGBANG’s new regular album. He writes good songs so fast, so I think there will be no problem with BIGBANG’s comeback in this summer.”

With the plan for BIGBANG’s comeback now, YG is preparing itself to attack the K-Pop world once again through the comeback of the company’s top artists like Psy, TAEYANG, and BIGBANG, as well as through debut of four rookie artists.

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