Music Video of AKMU’s “GIVE LOVE” Has been Disclosed… With Eye-Catching Happy Ending”

2014-05-02 12:15 pm


[스타뉴스 이지현 기자] AKDONG MUSICIAN(AKMU), a duo of a brother and sister (LEE CHAN HYUK & LEE SOO HYUN) has disclosed the music video of “GIVE LOVE”, the third title track of their debut album.

At 9am on the 2 this month, AKMU’s label YG Entertainment (“YG”) disclosed the music video of “GIVE LOVE”, which was shot in Okinawa, Japan, on its official blog.

The story of the new music video is linked with the story of “200%”’s music video. “200%” is one of the three title tracks of AKMU’s debut album. In the music video, the sweet love story between LEE SOO HYUN and a handsome boy played by Nam Joo Hyuk is found to be a dream. Plus, the story has a twist at the end, as the fact that he actually had a girlfriend is revealed.

Inevitably, LEE SOO HYUN just watches the boy who she loves and his girlfriend, to eventually become a friend of the girl. Then, one day, LEE SOO HYUN finds out that the boy and the girl are actually a brother and sister. Finally, LEE SOO HYUN becomes the boy’s real girlfriend. The music video shows such a happy ending after an interesting twist.

The music video of “GIVE LOVE” is a kind of sequel to the music video of “200%”. It was produced by director Yongi, like the music video of “200%”.

Plus, YG put a “yellow ribbon” at the end of the music video, to express its sorrow over the recent ferry accident, which is drawing a big attention.

Meanwhile, “GIVE LOVE” is a love song with a uniquely exciting rhythm. AKMU was inspired by the words “GIVE LOVE” written on a heart that is needed for a smartphone game, to create this song. The song talks about a girl who does not accept a boy’s love even though he has given all his love to her. He says that he wants to borrow more love to give her.

Notably, “GIVE LOVE” has been enjoying a great popularity among music fans upon the release of AKMU’s debut album, to be selected as the third title track of the album, following “200%” and “MELTED”.

2014. 5. 2.