WINNER Says, “All WINNER Members Took Part in Song-Writing… High Degree of Participation”

2014-06-24 11:43 am


[OSEN=이혜린 기자] WINNER, a new boy group to debut soon, talked about their preparations for debut and the progress, in an interview by North American new magazine VICE’s web-site VICE.COM. They said, “We are different from other teams, as we make and produce our songs by ourselves. We wanna perform with TEAM B someday.”

To a question about WINNER’s debut album in the recent interview with VICE.COM, WINNER’s KANG SEUNG YOON answered, “We have finished the recording of all songs and now we are doing some finishing work.” Plus, he explained about his team, “All our members take part in composition of melody, writing of lyrics, and producing, so the album is made in large part by ourselves. We produce and write songs by ourselves”, to a question about WINNER’s distinction from other boy groups.

SONG MIN HO disclosed his personal experience, saying, “I have liked music from my childhood and began to do it at the age of about 12 or 13. I began to work on music in earnest after I became YG trainee.” NAM TAE HYUN added, “I’ve always liked music, whether it has lyrics or not. It’s about a year ago when I began to make complete songs that have melody and lyrics.”

VICE.COM said they were impressed by LEE SEUNG HOON’s dance for “DON’T STOP THE MUSIC” and asked him about whether he has any plan to take part in WINNER’s choreography, and LEE SEUNG HOON answered, “I’m interested not only in choreography but also in the whole performance on stage, so I’m making efforts to learn it.” The answer is heightening fans’ expectations.

KANG SEUNG YOON displayed his matured character by saying, “In ‘WIN’ show, we could grow in the process of competing with TEAM B. If we had not have a good-will competitor like TEAM B, we could not have shown you such growth. We learned a lot about a team’s synergy and teamwork.”

LEE SEUNG HOON said, “During the period for the preparation for our debut, we have spent all our time in a training room, not going anywhere else. I also remember an experience of going overseas to appear in 2NE1’s concert as guest performer. I have had a lot of things to get inspiration from.” He also drew attention by picking BIGBANG’s TAEYANG as the most-inspirational senior singer of YG, saying, “TAEYANG helped us a lot for our second battle. He gave us a lot of good advice.”

KANG SEUNG YOON expressed his ambition on behalf of the team, “We wanna be a ‘winner’ five years later. I want WINNER to be a group who lives up to the name itself. Plus, I hope we can hold a world tour.”

LEE SEUNG HOON did not hide his affection for TEAM B, saying, “I want to hold a concert with TEAM B, as same artists, someday in the future. We have always gained energy from each other and exchanged a lot of help.”

Meanwhile, WINNER is now having “New York Week”, in which their debut concept is disclosed through image cuts that have been taken in New York for a long time, while doing their best to prepare themselves for debut. “New York Week” is until the 24 this month.

2014. 6 .24.