BIGBANG’s 2nd Five Dome Tour Begins: iKON Opens

2014-11-16 06:12 pm


[OSEN=이혜린 기자] YG Entertainment announced that BIGBANG successfully kicked off their “BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 2014~2015 ‘X’”, which is Japan’s 5 Largest Dome Tour they hold for 2 years in a row for the first time as foreign artists.

Kick started in Nagoya Dome on Nov 15, the concert was opened by YG’s newest boy group formed on the survival program “MIX & MATCH,” the 7 members of iKON. The 7 boys performed ‘LONG TIME NO SEE’ and ‘SINOSIJAK’ that they showcased in the final episode of MIX & MATCH. At a Korea-China-Japan fan meeting, iKON was greeted enthusiastically by the Japanese fans in Osaka, attracting 40,000 of them. And the new group once again proved their popularity at BIGBANG’s concert as the fans cheered them on powerfully.

Having a center stage, the fans were able to see BIGBANG from all different angles, which helped greatly with audience engagement. As all the members actively carried out their solo careers in 2013 and 2014, the concert became bigger and longer, and the fans were left in awe as the 5 members showcased such powerful and dynamic performances of solos and as a whole for full 2 and a half hours.


Beginning with the concert at Nagoya Dome, BIGBANG is expected to meet with 741,000 fans across 5 cities through 15 performances. Osaka Kyocera Dome concert itself is a tour, as they will perform at the stadium 7 times. With this, they break the record for performing the highest number of times at this particular dome.

Concert schedule is as follows: 20th, 23rd at Kyocera Dome, Dec 6th and 7th Fukuoka Yahoo Oku! Dome, Dec 20th Sapporo Dome, Dec 25-27th Tokyo Dome, 2015 Jan 16-18 Kyocera Dome again.

Under the celebration of 5th anniversary of BIGBANG’s Japan debut and their Dome Tour,  “THE BEST OF BIGBANG 2006-2014” that holds 50 of their best songs will be released in Japan on Nov 26.

2014. 11. 16.