The Director of “FANTASTIC BABY” Directs 2nd Music Video for BIGBANG’s Comeback Project

2015-04-24 03:41 pm


[OSEN=손남원 기자] BIGBANG to come back as a complete team after three years of absence on May 1 is preparing a surprise. The team suggested their plan for this year by posting a teaser image that showed dates “May, June, July, August, and September 1″on YG blog early this month. People have been speculating that a new song will be released every month on the 1, but BIGBANG has recently completed shooting of the second music video for their comeback project, breaking such speculation.

So, when also considering YG head producer YANG HYUN SUK’s good skills in surprising fans, two songs may be released for the comeback of BIGBANG. According to music insiders, BIGBANG recently shot a large-scale music video in a set located near Seoul for three days. It is a new video totally different from the trailer video of world tour “MADE”. The “MADE” trailer video surpassed two million views within three days from its release, proving global fans’ keen interest in BIGBANG’s comeback and world tour.

According to the insiders, the second music video was directed by director Seo Hyun-Seung who has also directed “FANTASTIC BABY” and “I’M THE BEST”. The director of the location shooting of the trailer music video was know to be Han Sa-min who shot the music video of G-DRAGON’s “CROOKED”, according to YG. Thus, the recent secret shooting of music video is never for supplementation of the shooting done in the States.

As the interest of fans who have long been waiting for BIGBANG’s comeback as a complete team is reaching its peak, the news of additional music video shooting is raising fans’s curiosity even further. Plus, BIGBANG has already suggested that the way of their comeback will be very unique and unprecedented, by announcing five dates of every 1 of May to September.

In the trailer music video already released, BIGBANG members in neat black suit and sunglasses are showing blockbuster scenes like rushing in a vintage car, gun shooting, and car chase. Those scenes caught the eye of viewers like a blockbuster movie. Furthermore, the background music written by G-DRAGON and composed by KUSH and Seo Won-jin added to the thrill of the trailer video along with its dynamic images.

2015. 4. 24.