[Best 1 Min.] G-DRAGON and TAEYANG Performance on Infinite Challenge Put Heungbu at a Loss for Words

2015-07-05 01:16 pm

[TV리포트=조지영 기자] G-DRAGON, a regular guest and huge viewer ratings draw for Infinite Challenge, made an appearance on Infinite Challenge’s music contest yet again. This time, TAEYANG joined him in putting on an unforgettable stage.

On July 4’s episode of Infinite Challenge, a singing contest titled the Masquerade was aired to kick start the Infinite Challenge Music Festival 2015.

According to the Nielson Korea ratings announced on July 5, July 4’s episode of Infinite Challenge posted an average of 15.6 % in viewer ratings. The highest viewer rating per minute – Best 1 Min. – was 20.4%. It was when the masked G-DRAGON and TAEYANG revealed who they were.

G-DRAGON and TAEYANG were the last performers of the Masquerade, and when they took off their masks, the viewer ratings skyrocketed.

Adding a drum and a pipe to Yook Gak Su’s “HeungBu is at a Loss for Words,” G-DRAGON and TAEYANG put on an exciting and entertaining stage and turned Infinite Challenge into another episode of King of Mask Singer.

When they appeared, panels threw wild guesses such as “Is this the comeback stage of Yook Gak Su?” and “They must be Norazo.” IU, who correctly guessed all the participants, guessed that one of them might be TAEYANG judging from his excellent dancing skills and unique fashion sense.  When she said this, panels started to believe that they might actually be members of BIGBANG.

This is the third time that G-DRAGON took part in the Infinite Challenge Music Festival following the Seohaean Expressway Music Contest in 2011 and the Jayu Expressway Music Contest in 2013. This time, TAEYANG will be joining G-DRAGON, who has a special chemistry with members of Infinite Challenge, and this year’s music festival will surely be extraordinary.

Already, members of Infinite Challenge have their eyes on G-DRAGON and TAEYANG. People are starting to wonder which member will end up performing with G-DRAGON and TAEYANG.

2015. 7. 5.