BIGBANG unveiled credit of “E” album… Created by TEDDY, GD, and T.O.P

2015-08-04 09:00 am

[엑스포츠뉴스=정희서 기자] “E”, the fourth album of group BIGBANG’s “MADE SEIRES” has begun the countdown for release of the music and music video.

On August 4 at 9am, YG Entertainment unveiled counter-image of GD&T.O.P’s “ZUTTER” and BIGBANG’s “LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE” to be released on August 5 at 0 o’clock, on the company’s official blog.

The two counter images include credits that show the names of those who took part in writing and arranging the songs. Also, a phrase “NEW SINGLE & M/V RELEASE” written on the top of the images reveals the fact that the music and videos of “ZUTTER” and “LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE” will be released at the same time.

In the counter image of GD&T.O.P’s “ZUTTER”, G-DRAGON is wearing a leopard jacket and T.O.P is wearing a fancy checkered suit. The song drew keen attention as it is a song released by GD&T.O.P for the first time in five years. YG producer TEDDY, G-DRAGON, and T.O.P composed the melody and wrote the lyrics of the song, and TEDDY arranged it.

Then, the counter image of “LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE” with sentimental images of BIGBANG members is also showing a phrase “’LYRICS BY: TEDDY, G-DRAGON, COMPOSED BY TEDDY, G-DRAGON, ARRANGED BY TEDDY”, indicating the fact that TEDDY and G-DRAGON wrote the melody and lyrics of the song, and TEDDY arranged it.

The music and video of “E” album with BIGBANG’s August new song “LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE” and GD&T.O.P’s “ZUTTER” will be unveiled on August 5 at 0 o’clock. On August 4 at 11pm, one hour before the release, BIGBANG will have “BIGBANG COUNTDOWN LIVE MADE SERIRES, GATHERING AT YG OFFICE” on NAVER V-APP.

2015. 8. 4.