“BIGBANG’s 10 years can create a whole movie”… BIGBANG’s real lives

2016-06-29 08:00 am

[스타뉴스=김미화 기자] “BIGBANG’s past ten years can create a whole movie”

Group BIGBANG (G-DRAGON, TAEYANG, T.O.P, DAESUNG, and SEUNGRI) released a movie that celebrates the 10th anniversary of their debut. 

On June 28 in the afternoon, BIGBANG met fans in NAVER V-APP’s “BIGBANG10 THE MOVIE ‘BIGBANG MADE’ MOVIE TALK”.

In the afternoon, BIGBANG had the media preview of “BIGBANG MADE”, where they made the first public appearance as a complete team in three months.

Greeting fans who came to see them, BIGBANG said, “The movie will show you the real BIGBANG”.

G-DRAGON said, “I’m grateful that so many people came to see our movie. It’s been quite some time since all the five of us made a public appearance together. I hope you enjoy the movie and talk about it to your family and friends. It is my first time to greet people for my movie”.

Then, T.O.P said, “It’s been a while since I saw Korean fans. Thank you for saving your time to see the BIGBANG movie. Hope you get a good memory”. TAEYANG said, “It’s been a long time since I saw my fans last time. It’s really nice to see you and I missed you so much. Our past ten years have become a movie. It is surprising for ourselves, too. The movie shows much about who we really are. Please enjoy the movie”.

DAESUNG said, “We shot this movie, but actually, it is more like a documentary that shows what we’re like behind the scenes, than a film. Please enjoy the movie, as you can peek into what BIGBANG is like in our daily lives”. SEUNGRI said, “I believe that the movie will quench your thirst. We show everything about us in the movie. It’s a real documentary”.

Then, BIGBANG joined MC Kim Saeng-min, to continue with their movie talk. DAESUNG introduced the movie by saying, “We’re a carefree and easygoing group and you can see even more carefree and easygoing BIGBANG in the movie”. G-DRAGON said, “Actually, people do not know much about us, except for us singing and dancing. I think what people are curious about is what we’re like in our everyday lives. The movie is just about that”.

BIGBANG also showed off their special friendship, making jokes on each other. Notably, SEUNGRI boasted his talent by saying words of greetings in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English. On the day, BIGBANG members made promise of holding a guerilla concert if the movie records 100,000 viewers, and unveiling SEUNGRI’s shower scene not included in the movie if it records 500,000 viewers.

BIGBANG’s comeback not on the stage but in the screen is drawing keen attention about what kind of fun and touching stories they will deliver to fans.

“BIGBANG MADE” is movie that reveals true hearts of the five guys of BIGBANG: Gwon Ji-yong, Dong Young-bae, Choi Seung-hyun, Kang Daesung, and Lee Seung-hyun, who say that they were born to be BIGBANG.

2016. 6. 29.