[Again TV]BIGBANG’s T.O.P in “Weekly Idol”, “The thing called mania exploded”

2017-01-12 08:23 am

[헤럴드POP=노윤정 기자] BIGBANG’s T.O.P showed his uncontrollable playfulness that made the other members sweat out in embarrassment.

The second BIGBANG episode of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol”show was aired on January 11. All the BIGBANG members heated up the atmosphere in the studio located on the third basement floor, with their outstanding sense of humor. Notably, the eldest member T.O.P made everyone burst into laughter, showing big excitement to the extent to be called “maniac”.

In “Weekly Idol” show of the day, BIGBANG members engaged in a competition called “Show me the president’s card”, whose winner can get a gift paid with the credit card of YG’s president YANG HYUN SUK. Each member talked about what kind of gift they wanted to receive and T.O.P said, “I like furniture, so I want to get a chair made by a designer in the Furniture Street in Cheongdam-dong. Then, T.O.P made everybody burst into laughter, saying, “I actually want a vacation home for BIGBANG, like in Yangpyeong, not the Gangnam area”. But after they came to know that those gifts will be paid with the members’ own credit cards, T.O.P was relieved so much and said, “Thank God I didn’t pick the vacation home.”

The game to win a gift paid by T.O.P was a ridiculous rapping competition. The members had to be selected for their rapping that does not make any sense. T.O.P said his criteria for the selection of the winner was“the one who does the weirdest rapping”.

In addition, T.O.P shocked the other members by making a freaky facial expression in a cute action battle to win an opportunity to use G-DRAGON’s credit card. For a girl group dance battle for SEUNGRI’s card, T.O.P presented a sensational dance to Brown Eyed Girls’“Abracadabra”. While doing the dance, T.O.P got so much excited and his dance became very suggestive, so the other members had to stop him. Watching the scene, MC Jung Hyung-don said, “I myself have stopped many idol singers here and BIGBANG is the first-ever idol group who tries to stop its own member.”

By the end of the shooting for the show, the MCs suggested a twice-fast dance battle to BIGBANG and DAESUNG shouted, being shocked by the never-ending shooting, “Is this episode broadcasted for like 16 weeks?” MC Jung Hyung-don answered, “You’ll not appear in this show again, so I’m trying to make the most out of you now.” T.O.P incurred the resentment of the other members by saying, “We’ll appear in this show again and will do this twice-fast dance again.”

The MCs played “BANG BANG BANG” of a twice fast speed, saying, “Just try listening to the song”. Upon the beginning of the music, T.O.P popped upon the stage, so even the MCs tried to stop him eventually.

As such, all the BIGBANG members including T.O.P fully boasted their sense of humor and wit in “Weekly Idol” show, to satisfy fans who have been waiting to see BIGBANG in the show since the promise on the complete team of BIGBANG’s appearance in the show, which was made by G-DRAGON three years ago.

2017. 1. 12.