[Official] YG says “The red color smudging on the KWON JI YONG USB memory stick is not a defect… It is an intended concept”

2017-06-16 10:11 am

[스포츠조선=조윤선 기자] YG explained that the red coloring smudging on G-DRAGON’s “KWON JI YONG” USB memory stick record is an intended concept. 

The memory stick was intentionally produced in a way that the red coloring on it naturally smudges, in order to express the concept of G-DRAGON’s DNA and the matrix from which he was born. 

Some people who did not understand such intention expressed their complaints on the Internet, saying, “Red ink from the USB record smeared in my hands”, “It is a defective product”, etc. In images of G-DRAGON’s USB record posted on music-streaming websites, one can see that the coloring on the USB memory stick smudging on it and many scratches.  

Before the beginning of the sale of the USB record, YG explained in an advance notice that it might have scratches or the color on it might be removed. 

That is exactly why YG recently said that they were faced with a substantial difficulty in producing and supplying the USB record. 

The concept of the “matrix” that GD wanted to express with his new album could only be expressed by smudging the red coloring and making scratches in a vantage feel, which was impossible to be materialized in a mass-production printing process. After many times of trial, YG concluded that G-DRAGON’s intention could only be materialized by hand-painting red ink on the UBS memory sticks. 

YG also explained that it took quite a long time to establish a system to enable users to conveniently use many contents by connecting to a specific link, not just putting music in the USB stick and selling it, as such way of producing and selling records is tried by YG for the first time in Korea. 

The hand-writing of “KWON JI YONG” on the USB stick was the one G-DRAGON’s mother wrote with her hands when G-DRAGON was born. It was G-DRAGON’s idea to put the hand-writing on the USB stick in line with the concept of the “matrix”. 

The USB record of “KWON JI YONG” is the only channel to connect to its service website, where users can freely download and delete not only the music but also diverse contents in the memory stick. 

More contents including the music video of title track “UNTITLED”, as well as another version of “UNTITLED”s music video in which G-DRAGON appears in another costume, music video making film, and other contents will be continuously uploaded and offered on the website. 

2017. 6. 16.