“TAEYANG·SEUNGRI with the Confident Senior Vibe” … ’MIXNINE’ Releases Behind-The-Scenes Photos

2017-11-17 04:49 pm

[스포츠조선닷컴=정유나 기자] The intense moment among those who are trying to secure their spot at the ‘Debut Group’ was caught on camera. 

On November 16, behind the scenes of the agency tour and the ‘One Day Mission’ to determine members of the ‘Debut Group’ was released through JTBC ‘MIXNINE’s official Facebook page. 

The one day mission is a process to determine ones who are qualified as the ‘Debut Group’, who will get an opportunity to perform at the showcase. The trainees who gets on stage are judged on the song they choose.

In order to get judged on their preferred songs, trainees were sprinting to the stage, displaying their desperation to secure their spot on the ‘Debut Group’.

The moment of YANG HYUN SUK, SEUNGRI, and TAEYANG concentrating on the trainee performances as judges was also caught on camera. 

SEUNGRI’s charismatic eyes without his unique mischievousness and TAEYANG encouraging the trainees let the fans anticipate the mood on the set.

There were also photos from the agency tour in JYP Entertainment. The photo with Park Jin Young seeing YANG HYUN SUK and SEUNGRI off the JYP main building caught people’s attention.  

‘MIXNINE’ is a reality competition program in which YANG HYUN SUK will set out to 70 different agencies in Korea and find new stars among 400 trainees. A girl group composed of 9 girl members and a boy group composed of 9 boy members will have a final competition against each other to make debut as a major K-pop idol group. 

The full-fledged competition begins in episode 4, which will air on November 19. A national voting is currently taking place in ‘MIXNINE’s official website and at Melon, the music platform. One person gets to pick 9 contestants per day. The show airs every Sunday on JTBC at 4:50 PM KST.

2017. 11. 17.